Pathway Reflection

I almost finish my pathway program and will be transfer to a full-time graduate student next semester. During this semester, I have learnt many skills and the most significant experience for me is the duration for adaption of the American Education. I have studied four courses during my pathway program including EAP-508, INYO-504, AIT-512 and AIT-524. EAP-508 and IYO-504 were pathway courses that provided me a great opportunity to familiar with academic life in the US which I never experienced before. Besides, AIT-512 and AIT-524 were two of my major courses that helped me to build up the fundamental background of the AIT program and became a prepared graduate student.

The one that inspired me the most was EAP-508. This course has taught me the way to do a research from the beginning to the end. This process required several basic steps including finding interest, learning the previous studies and preparing my own project. All these steps were based on reading and analyzing papers. My major is Applied Information Technology and in my field, the daily life is dealing with data. Therefore, I met some difficulties when handling such a large amount of articles. Trying to learn something that I am not familiar with was challenging especially under a brand new environment. Although the process is strenuous, but the result is good and I still think this was an amazing course.

I am very grateful that pathway has given me an extraordinary and valuable experience. In addition, I believed this course will help me a lot in my future academic life.