Statement of Purpose


I majored in Electronic Information Engineering as an undergraduate student at Shanghai Normal University in China. Because of the wide range of applications, and I studied science in high school, I chose this prospective and popular major. During my college life, I have taken several courses in information technology, including theoretical knowledge and practice exercises. The theoretical courses include Fundamental Circuit, Signal Systems, and Single Chip Microcomputer. I also made some physical circuits, such as 30 second timers and detection alarm of air temperature and humidity. All of these amazing experiences made me want to explore more about the field of Information Technology. In fact, what inspired me most was an Associate Professor, Yang Luo who was the mentor of my graduation thesis and my teacher of the High Frequency Electronic Technology course. Professor Luo offered me much help during my college life. When I encountered difficulties in the learning process, he was always willing to lead me to find the answer and encouraged me to insist on exploration. Thanks to his guidance, I decided to keep exploring the IT field and applied to be a graduate student. Likewise, the courses of the Database and Signal System also made me more interested in the IT field.

Apart from the academic learning, I also worked as an intern in the IT department of Michael Kors Trading Shanghai Company. This was my first job and also a very meaningful one. I took responsibility for the maintenance and examination of the online shopping system designed for the company. For me, it was the first time that I had been engaged in the whole system as an administrator to the system background. At first, it was really a big challenge to get used to the complex operation procedures and the role change from user to a staff member. Therefore, I simulated the work flow and operation methods of the system again and again, found out system bugs with care, offered rectification advice to optimize the system and helped my supervisor with the system test. As a result, the system reached a relatively stable state. Such an examination process allowed me to gain a deeper knowledge of the system, learn to grasp the overall situation and do things more patiently and prudently. This work experience pushed me to learn more about the IT field and also inspired me to be a graduate student in order to seek a better development for my future.

Based on what I have experienced, I recognize that I would not like to work machines all the time without communicating with others. As young ambitious woman, using a computer as a tool to analyze data integrated with business management is more interesting and practical for me. I also realize that further learning is necessary for my future academic and career plans. The United States is at the forefront of the world of IT theoretically and technically. What is researched in the US are specific objectives with more professional practical opportunities which will surely promote my interpersonal communication and competitive edge as well as broaden my mind. What’s more, while I am still young, I possess a stronger ability with more passion to learn and accept different academic cultures. Thus, I applied for the master’s degree in Applied Information Technology program which is a good major at George Mason University. I want to learn more about the combination of information technology and comprehensive management which leverages existing and emerging information technology with business intelligence and data analysis that could provide solutions to solve information technology problems.

I am studying in the Accelerated Pathway Program at INTO Mason. I am enrolled in two major classes–Database Management Systems, Algorithms and Data Structures Essentials–with Professor Rytikova and Professor Snow. I also gained skills about how to do research. Professor Weinstein and Sanchez had been teaching me the correct and effective ways to read and write papers. Professor Zach has provided a great help by leading me to realize the resources and the policy of campus while guiding me to manage my academic plan.  The precious experience at INTO Mason has taught me how to get along with people with different cultural backgrounds and how to study and live in the United States. The pathway program has provided me a period to adapt to change and contributed in my becoming a qualified graduate student which has made me feel more confident to face my future academic life.

As a prospective full-time student at George Mason University, I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to complete an internship to improve my ability to apply the knowledge I gained in the courses at George Mason University.  The rich experience will contribute to my resume which could benefit my career life in future. After graduation, I hope to become a Data Analyst and proceed to Database Administrator in big companies in order to gain more experience. In the long run, I want to work in a transnational IT corporation and be promoted to the management level with my own team, independently performing projects like tourism plans or education management. All in all, I will spare no effort to make myself become a qualified professional IT person through my graduate studies at George Mason University.


I look forward to hearing back from you soon and thank you for your consideration.


Hongyi Zhang


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