Plan of Study

Introduction of Academic Program

Applied Information Technology is a science that aims to provide strategies, solution and security of the system or network by using information technology. It is not only requires people to have ability to solve computer problems but also asks for many different skills such as design, development, management and optimization of mega-system. The MS in AIT provides various curricula including Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics, Knowledge Mining, Data Analytics in Social Media and Cyber-Human Interaction(  Because the diversification of Applied Information Technology, I chose it to be my graduated degree. I believe that studying in George Mason, professors and guest lecturers from different areas, abundant resources on campus and classmates from different countries would offer me a lot of help and opportunities to improve myself.

Academic Goals

The first academic goal of mine is to pass the matriculation from INTO Mason at the end of this semester and could get no less than B+ grade in my major classes after I become a full time graduate student. I am studying in the INTO George Mason University Pathway Program now. The requirement that I can officially enter Mason as a graduate student this fall is every course I take this semester must higher than B grade. I have four courses including two pathway classes and two major classes. It’s a little bit hard for me because as an international student, everything is totally different and I need to try my best to get used to the new life as soon as possible and ensure to complete the arduous tasks of study. I know that it will be more difficult to get B+ grade of all my major classes during my full time graduate academic life and it almost seems like impossible. In order to achieve this goal, the first step is that I need to finish all assignments seriously and participate the class actively due to these accounts for a large proportion of total grade. What’s more, I need to contact with professor and classmate as much often as I can and discuss with them about the questions I have because participation means make connection with the class not just show up. I also should spend time on practicing my writing and speaking skills which are crucial for my project reports and presentations. After my pathway, I should make good use of summer vacation to learn something about my major classes that I will study in the following semesters. In a word, I need to maintain my good study habits such as managing time efficiency and working hard to complete my first academic goals.

Moreover, I wish I could participate more group projects. There has not much opportunities for me to be a member of a big group project during pathway program. I think learn how to work with a team is very important for a graduate student. Because during the graduate academic life we can’t entirely rely on the knowledge from professor, self-study and collaboration are more important. I will engage myself in the group discussion actively and try my best to talk with different people who could inspire me no matter professors or classmates.  I believe that could be an effective way for me to achieve my second academic goal.

At last, learning database management well is my third academic goal. AIT 524 is one of the major classes I have learned this semester which is talked about Fundamentals of Database Systems and I am interested in it particularly. Database has become a basic tool that could help people solve various data problems. I have learnt database before during my undergraduate study and obtained the relevant qualification certificate. I want to explore it more due to its extensive use and increasingly powerful features. Thus, I need to keep contact with professor Rykitova who taught the AIT 524 and make good use of the materials she provided for me. Additionally, I should also use spare time to do more exercises in order to complete my third academic goal.

Disciplinary Resources List

Course Plan

2018 Spring2018 Fall2019 Spring2019 Fall
EAP 508AIT 542AIT 582AIT 716
INYO 504AIT 664AIT 677AIT 711
AIT 512AIT 614AIT 624AIT 724
AIT 524
13 credits9 credits9 credits9 credits

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AIT512Algorithms and Data Structures Essentials3
AIT524Database Management Systems3
AIT542Fundamentals of Computing Platforms3
AIT664Information: Representation, Processing and Visualization3
AIT614Big Data Essentials3
AIT582Application of Metadata in Complex Big Data Problem3
AIT677Intelligence Analysis Methods3
AIT624Knowledge Mining from Big Data3
AIT716Human Computer Interaction3
AIT711Rapid Development of Scalable Applications3
AIT724Data Analysis in Social Media3
Total: 30 credits