This course has taught me the process of doing research. The MCP project is our final goal to show my achievement by following the research process step by step. I chose the topic focus on using big data analysis to improve issues in healthcare supply chain management that I am interested in. Then, I wrote a literature review and designed a poster which contained the most important information about my MCP project. I have practiced much on language pattern and skill focus exercises which made me familiar with the American educational style. In addition, this MCP project was a team work and it also provided me a great experience to work with other.

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Poster_Hongyi Zhang

Here you can find my assignment sample. Poster_Hongyi Zhang


This course helped me make preparation to become a full time graduate student. I have learnt how to take advantage of abundant resource on campus. More importantly, I understood the significant of Academic Integrity in the US through this course. I wrote a case study based on Mason Honor Code which is also my Mid-term paper. I analyzed which rule did the student violates in that situation, what they can defend for themselves and how they will be punished by Honor Committee according to Mason Honor Code. I also made a presentation of this assignment to share my understanding about Academic Integrity. This assignment provided me a great opportunity to gain deeper cognition of Mason Honor Code which is important for me to keep it in mind in my following academic life.

Here you can find my assignment sample. INYO-504_Hongyi Zhang


This course has taught me the fundamentals of relational database and basic SQL commands. During this semester, I created my own database based on the simulation of a real situation. Then, I connected each table as the requirements of business rules to build my Entity Relational Database diagram. After the design, I inserted information into each table and modified data using SQL commands. This course provided me with the opportunity to accelerate my skills, while I learned the entire processes of designing and managing a database. This particular assignment for AIT 524 also helped me to build a foundation to further explore complex data processing methods, after I become a full-time graduate student in the AIT program.

Here you can find my assignment sample. AIT-524_Hongyi Zhang